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Why HouckDesign
Tourism & Prestige

No name stands out in disc golf course design quite like that of Master Designer, John Houck. No matter how you slice it, there is simply no equal. John has taken the art and science of disc golf course design and continually developed it for several decades. John has solo designed more than 135+ disc golf courses and has co-designed, reviewed, consulted, or given input on over 150 more -- but it’s the quality of his work that has uplifted the art and science of disc golf course design. He has designed an unprecedented 24 courses used in PDGA World and National Championships as well as Disc Golf Pro Tour and National Tour events. John's designs have been ranked as the best in the world for over a decade. He is a member of two International Halls of Fame: -- the World Disc Golf Hall of Fame and the Freestyle Disc Hall of Fame. He has published more articles on course design than anyone else, and he continues to innovate passionately with every project.


On a John Houck course, you can be sure John Houck personally spends many hours on site because he considers and integrates more than a hundred factors into the design of each course. John has been teaching designers that a well-designed course uses the land to its fullest potential and employs four key ingredients: balance, variety, strategy, and character. He is an expert in this area after almost four decades of designing and integrates his vast expertise to create courses that are safer, smarter and more sustainable.

At HouckDesign, we continually push forward as we innovate and introduce new design concepts and features on each project. We are committed to providing a unique playing experience for multiple skill levels of players, no matter where we are working or what type of disc golf course design we are creating.

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Resorts - Golf Courses

With amenities like a pro shop, food on-site, and lodging, the return on investment from our courses might surprise you.

Vineyards & Venues

These days players have more choices where they want to play and quality of design has become even more important.

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Communities & Parks

A disc golf course is a great amenity to add to business parks, state and county parks, master planned communities, and HOA’s



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