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"I absolutely recommend John for anyone who is looking to design a course.  Though local players and landscape architects might be able to design a playable course, nobody but the world’s most experienced course designer can design a unique and fun, re-playable course that can meet all your needs and the needs of the community."

-- Todd Rainwater, Owner, DGPT – Disc Golf Pro Tour 

“Working with John Houck and Houck Design is worth every penny.  His vision, concepts, and principles helped the City of Columbia create a world class disc golf course that has been consistently rated at the top of the DGCR course rankings since it's completion.  The course has hosted elite level tournaments and brings in disc golfers from across the world to play its innovative features.

If you hire John, know that there are methods to his madness and that if you are open to the implementation of his vision, the end result will be a course that blows you away and is like nothing you have ever played before.”

-- Ryan Atkinson Park Planner, City of Columbia, Missouri), 

Worked closely with John start to finish on the whole project @Harmony Bends

#1 Course in the world, DDCR 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022 


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