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Art of Course Design

We are committed to creating world-class courses, and that requires an intimate knowledge of the flight patterns of the discs, familiarity with the state-of-the-art of course design concepts, and deep understanding of how to use the natural landscape to in the design.  As the most experienced, we are experts in showcasing the natural features to their full potential.

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Our Design Philosophy

Designing a great disc golf course isn't something you can do at your desk or at a drawing table. In disc golf, it's vital to design the course on site, because every tree -- and sometimes even individual branches -- can alter the intended shot shape. 

But that's just the start...

 The key to success is making the best possible use of the existing features of each property. John has been a leader in disc golf course design for almost four decades, and his series of articles on the subject have helped educate hundreds of aspiring designers. John will walk your land extensively to develop unique and complex fairways that will showcase the land's natural beauty.  He is creating masterpieces. John’s love for disc sports shows on every course he designs; if he’s working on your project, he won't leave until he's convinced he's created the best course possible on your property.

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