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At HouckDesign, we strive to make sure that every project we accept receives the attention necessary to create an unmatched design. Our construction engagement services ensure that the design vision is executed precisely. 

Construction Engagement

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As a Master Disc Golf Course designer, John Houck has raised the practice of course design to an art form. John's involvement with a course design brings a guarantee of quality, prestige, and traffic from name recognition, plus instant credibility among experienced disc golfers.


A quality design needs a quality execution of the design. Our project engagement services offer support to our clients so that all aspects of the project and each phase is executed as envisioned and agreed upon.  Our services include offering and sketches by John of features, maps, and regular communication to ensure greater success faster.


We offer on-site presence and walk-throughs to explain the progress and show our clients what has been achieved and what still needs to be done.  We include them in decisions during the build phase.


We can offer design and build options for those clients who prefer a turn-key contract.


We work with individuals, clubs, hotels and resorts, master-planned community developers, parks departments, and any group interested in building a quality disc golf course or facility.


Contact us today for a quote and details on how to bring a historic Houck course to your city. All you need is a good piece of land and the desire to have a quality disc golf course. We want to help you create something you will be proud of, and a HouckDesign course will attract disc golf tourism from around the world.


Please contact us for any questions or if you want more information regarding our services.  We would love to speak with you about your course.


Engagement Delivers Results

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