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John Houck has been designing courses since the mid 1980's. Disc golf course design was much simpler back then. Now, with major changes in disc technology, player skill, and park usage, course design is a much more complicated proposition. While designs will continue to evolve to meet the growth of the sport and the needs of the society, every disc golf course has to have a foundation in some basic principles. Unfortunately, many courses don’t have that foundation. John has been writing about course design and teaching course design to other designers for over three decades. 


Dee Leekha-Houck is an industry leading consultant offering disc golf expertise to disc golf clubs, private course owners, individual designers, municipalities, counties, and anyone who is interested in offering a course.   She offers disc golf site reviews of various types and disc golf consulting reviews for site plans, assessments and business models for venues. She also offers consulting for feasibility studies, budgeting for all levels of courses, projections for ROI, site planning, design reviews, and enjoys developing disc golf projects for clients worldwide.

John Houck is an industry leading expert on design concepts, design theory, design reviews of older designs or brand new designs. His reviews are offered as on-site reviews where he evaluates the holes based on his current design practices. In some cases off-site reviews may be possible.

At HouckDesign, we can offer you all types of disc golf consulting and multiple levels of design expertise for your project. Please reach out to us..

 Disc Golf Consulting and Course Reviews

PEI Drone two (2).JPG
PEI Drone two (2).JPG
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Who can benefit from our consulting or review service?

  • Public and Private Course Stewards or Owners of New or Existing Courses

  • Parks and Recs, Private Course Owners, Colleges & Universities, etc.

  • Beginner or Advanced Disc Golf Course Designers of New or Existing Courses

  • Landscape Architects, Players, Disc Golf Clubs, City Planners & Staff, etc.

  • Anyone who is open to suggestions on how their course or proposal can improve

How can you benefit from consulting or a review?

  • Plan disc golf course projects for development

  • Review projections for ROI

  • Reduce safety risks to other park users and players

  • Improve overall course quality

  • Discover design principles by HouckDesign

  • Greater long-term benefit and enjoyment of the course

  • Get a second set of eyes on the design before installing

We can offer our insight on anything from World-Class Championship disc golf courses to small community disc golf courses. The basic assessment can be a first step to modifying the design and reducing undesirable risk factors since design have changed significantly in the past few years.


Please contact us today to inquire about our disc golf consulting, review and assessment of your course.

Consulting Offerings

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