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Resorts & Golf Clubs

Why are so many resorts adding disc golf these days?  Because the sport has surpassed a tipping point, and now disc golf courses have proved they bring in  more income. Resorts that add disc golf courses provide an additional amenity for their existing clientele and draw in a new demographic of clients who enjoy all types of outdoor recreation along with disc golf.  Disc golf is one of the fastest growing outdoor recreational activity for all ages to enjoy, and there are courses in about 80 countries.

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Why HouckDesign?

Prestige & Experience

  • The #1 most respected name in disc golf course design

  • Most experienced designer with 130+ solo designs and another 150+ consultations

  • Most number of courses in the top 100 in the world by far for over a decade

  • Most number of courses designed for Elite events or Championships

  • Expert at balancing the art and science of design using natural features

  • Published most articles on course design and teach course design

  • Created and follow 7 “Houck” design principles of disc golf course design


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