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Signature Courses

Exclusively designed by John, Signature courses are the elite destinations in the sport and offer on-site lodging, pro-shops, and other amenities. Our Signature courses showcase the most innovative features and design concepts -- and they represent the very best the sport has to offer. 

selah bridge.jpg

​Each fairway is one of a kind, often providing multiple opportunities for a player to approach the shot. These fairways are masterpieces, and they inspire players to want to play your course again and again.


Signature courses typically require at least 45-90 acres or more, significant land features, and the ability to enhance the playing experience (mounds, planted trees, bridges, retaining walls, graded areas, etc.) If you're looking to provide a premier experience for your clientele, there's only one way to go. Look for our new and latest signature courses coming in the next year.


selah player hole 7 tee - Copy.jpg
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