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Exceptional -- Meet Finlay Buchanan-Jacobs

Article by Dee Leekha-Houck

Finlay is 3rd from the left. 11-11-22

Finlay in the back row with glasses. 11-11-22

Finlay is definitely exceptional, and he breaks the mold when it comes to many things you wouldn't expect from someone who is just getting into the business world.  Finlay has been in disc golf for 14 years, and he has been playing in DGPT tournaments since 2016.  He has played in 32 states and has played over 300 courses.  He has volunteered on multiple course design and build projects.  He has been getting mentored by Adam Harris from a tender age of 10.


The first time I met Finlay was a little over 13 months ago. Adam Harris told me to spend some time with Finlay at the 3DG-CON-1 course design conference in Austin, Texas in 2022. So, I did.  And I have never ceased to be amazed by his perspective on many topics. Hard to believe it’s only been a year, because I have gotten to know Finlay very well since we speak often. He has been studying and discussing design with us for over a year. Finlay has become my “go to” when I need a fresh young perspective. He’s our youngest team member, and his thoughts largely match my own. His new ideas are welcome and he has an open mind which is soemthing I really appreciate.  He is a good listener and will speak up when he needs to. 

John and Dee at 3DG-CON-1 in Austin, Texas, 11-11-22

At 24, (Happy Birthday, Finlay!) he has collected a great amount of diverse knowledge, and I thoroughly enjoy our conversations.  Since I am someone with many interests and consider myself the eternal student even though I have mentored entrepreneurs for decades, and have been teaching design for almost 10 years through workshops and webinars. We both enjoy reading disc golf news and reading in general to stay informed on the latest business trends, technology, and philosophies. Finlay and I never run out of things to talk about especially about this company’s future and operations.  The business world is changing rapidly, and with a global economy, its more complicated than ever. Finlay has already proved himself to me this past year as someone who will contribute to the success of HouckDesign.

John says there’s a lot to like about Finlay, and a lot of reasons we’re glad he’s on our side.  He brings the perspective of someone who’s been out on tour, talked design with the best in the game, and who still has the skills of a top pro. He is now designing and building his own private course in NY close to Adam Harris’ course.

3DG-CON2 Design Conference. Finlay in the Pro Players panel with Sarah Hokom, Simon Lizotte, & Casey White.


What makes Finlay exceptional is his deep compassion for others. His loyalty to his friends and his ability to grasp things quickly.  He served on the pro-players panel this year along with Simon Lizotte, Casey White, and Sarah Hokom at the 3DG-Con2 course design conference at Maple Hill Disc Golf.  His comments mirror the principles and philosophies on course design at HouckDesign. He fits in great with the company’s goals and values.  Finlay loves to dig into topics deeply, and take that knowledge and run with it.   It is this landscape we provide our team members who want to innovate and grow the sport through designs. 


A core quality of our designers is curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. We plan to keep innovating designs.  It is with great pleasure we announce the youngest member of our team. We expect great things from Finlay as he springs forward in the world of disc golf through his many contributions at HouckDesign.    

The HouckDesign team with our 5th Designer, Finlay Buchannan-Jacobs. Far Right.11-11-23


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