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Last One This Year, But Certainly Not The Least! Meet Steve Klehfoth.

Updated: Jan 15

By Dee Leekha-Houck

Dave Muntean, Steve Klehfoth, Simon Lizotte, Casey White, John Houck, 11-11-23 3DG-CON-2, Worchester, MA

How and why did we choose Steve? He impressed us for many reasons.

Steve wrote to us in May, 2023 and inquired about attending our workshops to further his knowledge in course design.  As I continued our conversations, I discovered Steve was warm, friendly, and very insightful about business operations. He excelled in creating internal processes and business management.  He was excellent in written communications and a great conversationalist.  Steve has a diverse and general business background where he has grown into leadership positions in a short time.  As I asked him more questions and engaged him, I discovered his understanding of creating efficiencies in a business operation is not his only strength, and adding him to the team was a mutually beneficial decision.

John Houck, Steve Klehfoth, Dee Leekha-Houck

Steve also asked us for some advice about a project, and as we dug deeper into how thinks, we continued to be impressed by him. His approach is fair and reasonable, and when it comes to solutions, he has a refreshing and positive outlook. In complex situations, I discovered he is diplomatic, and his insights enable others and himself to make good decisions.

After almost 6 months of conversations and discussions, we finally met Steve at the 2023 3DG-CON-2 Conference in Worchester, MA in November.  We were delighted to learn he is just as impressive in person as he was on the video calls. We continue to be impressed by his desire to contribute to the sport. He threw out multiple ideas on how he could contribute towards the course design conference next year.

3DG-CON-2, 2023 Disc Golf Course Design Conference. Steve Klehfoth, 11-12-23

His extensive volunteer time to the sport, his generous spirit with others, and his passion for growing the sport are evident in what he has already achieved. Having designed eight full courses and consulted on five, Steve is committed to learning and growing his design knowledge with HouckDesign. His ten-year journey as a Designer is due to his unwavering passion and dedication to the development of his disc golf course design practice and his search for disc golf course design knowledge.  He is just getting started.

Beyond the courses and tournaments, Steve finds joy in his family. He shares his disc golf adventures with his wife, Jessie, and their son, Colby.  He looks forward to working with HouckDesign on projects and contributing to growing the sport through superior designs applying HouckDesign concepts and innovations.

I know we can trust Steve to not only do his best for the company and the team, but just as importantly, for our clients and the communities that he engages with. John and I want to welcome Steve Klehfoth as the final member of the HouckDesign Team of designers in 2023! 

Delighted to introduce the 2024 HouckDesign Team of Designers.

John &,Dee Houck, Mike Harrington, Ric Evans, Paul Wright, Adam Harris, Finlay Buchannan-Jacobs, Steve Klehfoth, 11-10-23

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